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24+ Best html css and jquery calendars

24+ Best html css and jquery calendars
Written by admin

Collection of Best html css and jquery calendars : There are many website or apps that can be included in the web pages including calendars. specially in hotel, airlines or cinema website requires user’s interaction to reserve rooms and air tickets. Having calendar in this website is necessary as users need to pick a specified date to make reservation.

so you should try to give your website a unique touch with the help of an online calendar template. And it is utilize to layout announcements, up-coming events, contest and much more.

so In today’s post, we are showing you some of the best calendar and date pickers scripts Widget built with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It is completely free for download and can be used in your personal or commercial projects.

1.SVG season calendar with animated header

this is awesome animated header with diffrent color and diffrent background made by Joke Gysen

See the Pen SVG season calendar with animated header by Joke Gysen (@keukenrolletje) on CodePen.

Demo   download

2.Calendar Widget

this calendar is simple and clean design made by Ciprian Ionescu

See the Pen Calendar Widget by Ciprian Ionescu (@ciprianionescu) on CodePen.

Demo   download

3.Calendar Flip Animation

Flip Animation calendar made by Gabriel Colombo

See the Pen Calendar Flip Animation by Gabriel Colombo (@gabrielcolombo) on CodePen.

Demo   download


simple and clear claendar made by Sam Markiewicz

See the Pen Calendar by Sam Markiewicz (@SamMarkiewicz) on CodePen.

Demo   download

5.It’s A Calendar Sort Of Thing

this claendar is awesome with two part made by Jack Thomson

See the Pen It’s A Calendar Sort Of Thing by Jack Thomson (@Jackthomsonn) on CodePen.

Demo   download

6.Infinite Calendar

ahh! really awesome with animated effect made by Tadaima

See the Pen Infinite Calendar by Tadaima (@tadaima) on CodePen.

Demo   download

7.Calendar – Daily UI #038

This is simple and clean calendar with background header images effect made by Dali

See the Pen Calendar – Daily UI #038 by Dali (@daliannyvieira) on CodePen.

Demo   download

8.Circular Calendar Display

A circular calendar and clock display with added weather and daily activity made by Matthew Juggins

See the Pen Circular Calendar Display by Matthew Juggins (@mattjuggins) on CodePen.

Demo   download

9.Flexbox responsive calendar

This is Flexbox responsive calendar made by gabi.

See the Pen Flexbox responsive calendar by Gabi (@enxaneta) on CodePen.

Demo   download

10.Calendar in ReactJs

calendar using ReactJs for beginner level made by Ricardo Barbosa

See the Pen Calendar in ReactJs by Ricardo Barbosa (@RicardoBarbosa) on CodePen.

Demo   download

11.Date and Time Picker

A calendar with date and time picker made by Jarom Vogel

See the Pen Date and Time Picker by Jarom Vogel (@jaromvogel) on CodePen.

Demo   download

12.Calendar App

This is a calendar application. its allows for browsing dates and selecting individual dates. you can schedule events on future days. made by Joey Lea

See the Pen Calendar App by Joey Lea (@ovdojoey) on CodePen.

Demo   download

13. jQuery Datepicker summer vibe

simple styling of the jquery ui datepicker. made by Håvard Brynjulfsen

See the Pen Daily UI #13 | jQuery Datepicker summer vibe by Håvard Brynjulfsen (@havardob) on CodePen.

Demo   download

14. Calendar and Clock

Calendar and clock with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. made by mselmany

See the Pen Calendar and Clock by mselmany (@mselmany) on CodePen.

Demo   download

15. CSS-only Colorful Calendar Concept

this is awesome colofull calendar Based on dribble. made by David Khourshid

See the Pen CSS-only Colorful Calendar Concept by David Khourshid (@davidkpiano) on CodePen.

Demo   download

16. Haml Calendar

this is awesome and beautifull two side calendar made by Katy DeCorah

See the Pen Haml Calendar by Katy DeCorah (@katydecorah) on CodePen.

Demo   download

17. Calendar Mockup

this is very quick mockup calendar made by Dan Couper

See the Pen Calendar Mockup by Dan Couper (@DanielCouper) on CodePen.

Demo   download

18. CSS-only Calendar App Concept

Another dribble calendar Click two dates and the labels to see the effect.
Works best only in Chrome and Safari. made by David Khourshid

See the Pen CSS-only Calendar App Concept by David Khourshid (@davidkpiano) on CodePen.

Demo   download

19. Planner!

This one is my favourite because simple and clean effect made by Saminou yengue kizidi

See the Pen Planner! by Saminou yengue kizidi (@Saminou24) on CodePen.

Demo   download

20. Simple calendar

A simple and minimalist calendar with rounded corner effect made by maxben

See the Pen Simple calendar by maxben (@bemaxdesign) on CodePen.

Demo   download

21. .datepicker();

this one is very simple and clean calendar in black, grey white color made by White Wolf Wizard

See the Pen .datepicker(); by White Wolf Wizard (@WhiteWolfWizard) on CodePen.

Demo   download

22. CSS Calendar

this is another simple calendar made by Dmitry Kozhedubov

See the Pen CSS Calendar by Dmitry Kozhedubov (@hiisi13) on CodePen.

Demo   download

23. Minimalist calendar

this is another Minimalist calendar made by Mohamed Boudra

See the Pen Minimalist calendar by Mohamed Boudra (@boudra) on CodePen.

Demo   download

23. Calendar

A calendar that tells you how many events happened on particular date. made by Benjamin

See the Pen Calendar by Benjamin (@maggiben) on CodePen.

Demo   download

Hope you will find one that suits your demand. Thanks and keep visting 🙂

24+ Best html css and jquery calendars. This article guides you through 24 of the best free calendar & datepicker plugins. jquery calendar example.