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Webix Review 2022

Webix Review 2022
Written by admin

The Webix UI library is a feature-rich JavaScript framework designed to facilitate the job of web developers and accelerate it by 30%. The library contains 102+ widgets and controls for application development, created and tested by a team of experts. It is a robust solution that offers rich possibilities for relatively small amounts of money. Webix is easily integrated with jQuery, Angular, React, Vue, and Backbone. Toyota, Samsung, and Toshiba are among the customers. Webix is not just a number of useful components and elements. It includes some additional tools that enable developers to achieve the required results faster and easier.


Variety of widgets
The library includes 102+ widgets, which are grouped according to their functions for the convenience of users. Thirteen complex widgets are turnkey single-page applications. They can be used independently or integrated into a new environment. Those widgets are created to cope with the common tasks of any project, such as Kanban Board, Gantt Chart, Pivot Chart, File Manager, and others. Apart from the complex widgets, there are data widgets, visualization widgets, navigation widgets, and so on.

Webix Jet

This is a microframework inside the Webix library. It helps to build applications containing huge amounts of data. Webix Jet allows you to easily and quickly arrange the components and integrate them into an existing project with minimum code. Therefore, a lot of compatibility issues and excessive fixes can be avoided.

Webix UI Designer

This is another powerful tool inside the library. It helps to create clear and appealing prototypes for the developers to be able to show their potentially lucrative projects to enthusiastic customers.

Skin Builder

This tool allows developers to choose a default skin for their interface or create a customized one. The available skins are Material, Mini, Flat, Compact, and Contrast.

Form Builder

The Form Builder solution enables users to build web forms. You select a control and drag it to the place where you want it to be. You can easily customize the values for it and edit the code. The process is easy and fun.


The library offers several plans. All of them include a year of updates and support. A free 30-day trial period allows developers to try everything out before making a purchase.


The above-mentioned information about the features available and the price is already a benefit. However, here is an outline of the most important advantages that you can get by using the library.

  • Perfect performance
    The library is light-weight and fast. It does not require long and tiring code writing. The codes are short, and the apps are created in 30 seconds.
  • Ideal compatibility
    The widgets fit each other; the library matches all modern browsers and devices with any size of the screen. So, there are literally no compatibility issues.
  • Elegant design skins
    The library is developed by true professionals, so you do not need to have a designer on your staff. All the layouts look attractive, match each other, and are totally user-friendly.
  • Competent support
    The library offers video tutorials, a lively forum, and competent technical support. The documentation is steadily being improved and supplemented with snippets and code examples.


  • Web application development
    Webix is designed to make the process of creating applications as pleasant as possible. Use the ready-made “bricks” of the library to build your unique application.
  • Cross-platform development
    Modern applications should be perfect on any device. Cross-platform development is a highly demanded skill among ambitious developers.
    Webix provides all the possibilities for that.
  • Team expansion
    If you need help with either the development or testing process, the Webix team is ready to assist. You can be sure that your project will meet all the requirements and you will have no trouble maintaining it.


The Webix UI library is a powerful set of components that stand out from its competitors. It has gained popularity for being a reliable framework as well as for having devoted technical staff. The reviews on popular software platforms speak volumes about the library’s productivity, responsiveness, and potential. The interviews with the users of the library, posted on the blog can give you a hint on how to use it in the most reasonable way.