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Full Form

www Full form , What is Full form of www?

WWW represents the World Wide Web, which is precisely known as a Web. It is a collection of websites linked worldwide to the internet. It is an information system that has hypertext documents and resources accessible using the internet. A user can access a webpage using a web browser and traverse between web pages using hyperlinks, where a web page carries images, texts, data, and other multimedia contents.

www full form

www full form

The web browsers popular names are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Netscape Navigator, etc
  • The advantage is that these web browsers are accessible through smartphones and other multimedia devices.


    WWW came into existence on 12 March 1989, by Tim Berners-Lee. He was at CERN working on the WWW. A British computer scientist used the first web browser in 1990, the NeXT computer, the first web server.

    Tim Berners-Lee, in association with his CERN colleagues, started developing the WWW in Geneva, an international scientific organization. They created the HTTP, and in 1992 January, the web browser was available.

    It acquired immediate recognition, and Mosaic was the web browser development, and the launch was in September 1993 by Marc Andreessen and colleagues at the University of Illinois, U.S.

    Andreessen co-founded in April 1994, the Netscape Communications Corporation, after Netscape Navigator that was a powerful web browser.

    Microsoft Corporation, the software giant, in 1995 came with Internet Explorer, and incorporated the Operating system Windows, and it became a prominent web browser.

    In 2004, a real competitor to IE came into existence, the Mozilla’s Firefox.

    In 2008, Google launched Chrome, and it became a powerful browser in 2013 that IE and Firefox had to take the second step. Microsoft discontinued in 2015 its IE and came with Edge.

    What is a World Wide Web?

    The World Wide Web is what people refer to as the Internet. It includes web pages, videos, pictures, and other content online that is accessible using a web browser. The internet refers to the underlying network connection allowing to access and send email to the WWW. The Web earlier was a text-based collection of sites hosted by the organizations that were sound technically to set up a web server and had opportunities to learn HTML. However, after the original design, it slowly evolved, and now there are social-interactive media and much user-enerated content that there is no need for special technical skills to use WWW.


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