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10 Online jobs for college students – Student part time Jobs

Student part time Jobs : Every year lakhs of students enroll in college for further studies. For some students college fees are affordable but some face issues in that. In this case, they try to find out some part-time jobs which can help them to earn some extra money so that they can help their parents to pay the fee and bear the extra college expenses. So for those dear students, I prepared a post in which I will mention some of the best and working online jobs for college students. For these jobs, they is no need to show any degree. So let’s start –

Online jobs for college students

Online jobs for college students

1. Freelance Writer

Becoming a freelance writer is one of the best online jobs for college students. As students are studying in colleges most of them are good in English. They will get so many types of freelance writing jobs like article writing, scriptwriting, press release, web content, resume writing and so on. Due to the increase in usage of youtube nowadays many people are looking for brilliant young talent to write a script for their videos.

These scripts may be funny, inspirational, facts related, Bollywood related, news related and so on. In the beginning you might get just 100rs for one article but with the time you will get experience and you will start getting more and more. Many students are paid 1rpw to 2rpw. So students must try their hands in this field. They can earn a very good amount here.

2. Freelance Editor

Those students who are good at grammar and have excellent English language skills can go for a freelance editor. Editors are needed by many to edit their content. You can become editor of short stories, e-books or articles. Students after getting experience can get a good amount every month to edit the content. they can apply for editing the college magazine too. You can also connect to experienced editors and get jobs to help them in editing loads of content they get monthly.

3. Freelance Graphic Designer

Freelance Graphic Designer Jobs

Freelance Graphic Designer Jobs

There are loads of fields for students nowadays. One of them is graphics. Students can do three to four months of graphic designer course and get an online graphic designer job easily. Many companies and advertising companies look for graphic designers to work from home. When anyone opens a company they look for a logo designer. This need can be fulfilled by a graphic designer and if you are creative you can become their choice. Graphic designers are paid a good amount for the work. You can check Upwork, Fiverr, freelance.com. You can check Facebook groups too for the graphic designer job.

4. Freelance Web Developer

One of the most flourishing filed is web development. This will become more huge and wast in future and will open loads of employment opportunities both online and offline. Students who have done website designing course can apply for this. It’s not that you need to be expert in this. With basic WordPress website knowledge, you can get this work. For basic WordPress website knowledge you can follow some videos, blogs and gain knowledge.

5. Online Surveys

Online surveys is also a good option for students. This can be done in spare time. Students don’t need extra skills for this work. they need phone and internet and these two are with almost all students. You can get some amount for each survey. Some surveys pay 1 dollar and some pay 3 dollars. These surveys need just a few minutes. Its would be up to you how many you can do per day. This will not replace your income but ya will help to earn some money for extra expenses. Some surveys where you can try are India speaks, survey junkie etc.

6. Audio Transcription

One more interesting online job is of audio transcription. In this job, you have to listen to audio and then write in Microsoft word document. This is a good and flexible way to get some amount monthly. This task needs time as many times you need to listen again and again to understand the audio. For audio transcription, students are paid as per minute. So if you are a good listener with good typing speed you can do more per day and can earn good amount monthly. Some site like Rev is good for this job.

7. Video Captioning

As everyone knows loads of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube. Many videos need captions and for this they hire people and you can be one of them. You have to watch and listen to video and then write in ms document. It’s easy and earning depends on how many per day you can do. With your listening, typing skills you can earn a good amount. You can check rev site for this.

8. Voiceover Work

Students at a young age have a very sweet voice. So your voice can help you to earn a good amount. You can become a voiceover artist. Voiceover artist can be of any language. There is a good demand for voiceover artist’s nowadays. They need a voice for instructional videos, comedy videos and informational videos and so on. For this, you need audio recording equipment and a good expressive voice. Record a voice-over and upload in Fiverr. Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where people post their requirement and hire someone for their work.

9. Video Editing
part time Video Editing jobs

part time Video Editing jobs

This work need basic to advance video editing skills. The demand of video editor is huge. You can learn basic with YouTube videos or can join some institute for video editing course where you will learn how to use needed software in the best way. You can get work from Upwork. As a fresher, you will get average payment for one video editing but with the experience and time, you will start getting a good amount.

10. Photography

If you have a good camera which you bought for just clicking photographs because you like clicking awesome photos then this job is for you. There are many sites that pay for every image downloaded. So use your hobby and skill to earn. Just search which type of photographs are in demand, click that and upload on sites. That’s it.

If you can do a photography course that would be a plus point which will help you to earn more. You can create your website with your clicked photos as your profile and show to the people who are in search of photographers. Start with your family and friends. Slowly people will start noticing your work and you will start getting work easily.

Apart from these 10 there are some more online jobs for college students like teaching English or any other language, teaching Foreign Language, doing translation, doing Social Media Marketing, doing Data Entry, doing PPC Marketing, running YouTube channel, selling art, selling your notes and so on.

Students just think what you are good at, in which field you can give best and which field you will enjoy. After deep thinking starts working on it right away. Hopefully, this post will help you to get a good online job.