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25 Part Time Jobs & Online Jobs from Home  

People seeking part time jobs and online jobs from home during this pandemic can now enjoy flexibility and freedom with the work on hand. However, working online or as part-time from your home, you need to balance the responsibilities outside with work.

Part Time Jobs

Part Time Jobs

With the pandemic situation, having part-time work gives a lifeline of value for people who are laid off from their job. Getting a part-time job helps them in covering the gaps and also fulfilling the income that is much-needed during such uncertain times.

There are part-time jobs and online jobs available from companies and individuals. You can look for remote work-from-home jobs. Working remotely or staring your own, the opportunities for work-from-home are many. Here are 25 part-time and online jobs to do from home, and it can generate earnings.

1. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is about referral marketing that earns you a commission. Here the visitor to your site clicks the affiliate link and buys the product you refer to. It means you earn a percentage for the sale done. For instance, on your website, you refer to a book available on Amazon. Now the person clicking the affiliate link and purchase the book means it brings you a percentage from Amazon. Affiliate marketing is the choice of many starters as they get to earn passive money with very little startup costs.

2. Baker/Caterer/Chef

If you are passionate about cooking or baking, you may turn your passion into a part-time business. Begin from your very own kitchen. Start a catering business such that you are a personal check. Sell your prepared goods to neighbors, friends, online, or if possible, even at the local farmer’s markets. See the response and attempt for more. A beautiful way to decorate your passion and earn in the way you like the most.

3. Blogger

The easiest and inexpensive way of starting is through blogging. You can write that is your choice, your favorite food or music. Generate money using your site. Bear in mind that patience counts. You cannot begin cashing your blog right from day 1. If you like writing and have creative ideas, you can pursue your skills. Even if you wish to give tips on cooking, tutoring, stitching, teaching, the field is all open to you.

4. Bookkeeper

To start as a bookkeeper there is no need for you to complete the CPA. Yes, the truth is you can sign up at a community college or also consider an online course for bookkeeping. On completing the course, just start with your earning. There are work-at-home bookkeepers, check with them, and initiate your work.

5. Consulting

Having knowledge and experience in a specific area means you can share your ideas with others. Provide advice or do consult business on using a software program. You can teach people about becoming environmentally friendly. Many seniors do not know to operate a computer and do their online transactions. You may guide them and give consulting to stay functional with their computer and earn your living as online income.

6. Child Caregiver

A couple of hours as a child caregiver or you take care of the entire day, a business that requires childcaring is a commitment. Remember, this business can start from your home. Ensure you get the permits and correct licenses. It will be lucrative.

7. Copy Writing

Copywriting is about writing from your home. There are many offering writing jobs such as Upwork or Fiverr. Try to suit your style and earn from your home. People are earning six figures, for a start reach 3 or 4 figures. It will be a nice start.

8. Data Entry

There are many businesses outside, and every business needs inputting data. It is an exciting and simple job that does not ask you to rack your brain. There is not much need for your previous experience. You can start on per hour basis and get weekly payments.

9. Proofreading and Editing

If you are confident about your language skills, go for editing and proofreading. There are companies ready to pay on an hourly basis to editors and proofreaders. Be prepared to stay responsible and to meet deadlines.

10. Customer Service Representative

Are you excellent with your communication skills? Do you have reliable internet and a landline? If your answer is Yes for both the questions, you are sure to earn as a customer service representative. The online world and outside there is always a need for a customer service representative. Make proper use of your skills and earn your ways.

11. Event Planner

Planning an event is a must, whether it is a birthday party or a bachelor party. A corporate event, a community event, or even a wedding, there is a need for an event planner. People are not able to handle everything and look for organized individuals, so that event planning is done for them and taken care of.

12. Graphic Designer

Freelance Graphic Designer Jobs

Freelance Graphic Designer Jobs

Today, graphic designers are high paid jobs, and businesses do not mind if you are working from home. There is a need to design websites, logos, or visual ads. If you have in this area some sort of certification or degree, you can make your mark. If you also have the feather of experience, you are skilled and can enjoy having very soon more clients looking for you. Your approach with new designs will bring you more business through referrals.

13. Instructor

Are you good at any musical instrument? Do you practice regularly, and if you are confident to give a shape to anyone who wishes to learn, just begin as an instructor. Regardless of your experience or knowledge, people will love to get that you know, online or even in person. Make use of this opportunity.

14. Internet Security Specialist

With the internet going online has become easy, but it also is a threat to the users. If you are an internet security specialist, who knows to implement the security standards, monitor security threats and networks, use your skills, and secure user’s data information. They will be happy if you install a data protection system. You can also give them a service once a month and charge a small fee. Online security is a must, and receiving it online or from home is appreciable. People will not mind spending something to get security.

15. Online Teacher

Online Tutor Jobs

Online Tutor Jobs

Do you love teaching, or are a teacher already wishing to find some flexible schedule? You may consider doing online teaching through a pre-recorded session or Skype. Consider individual teaching or teach through organizations. There are many now offering online teachers an opening. With pandemic situations, seeking online education is of great assistance to parents.

16. Handmade Crafter

Are you having a skillful hand and enjoy making handmade products such as jewelry or some art-craft piece? If yes, set up an Etsy shop and begin selling online your handmade crafts.

17. Product Reviewer

Reviewing products is a way of earning a decent living. You can give product reviews on the products you are using daily. Write it with a positive note.

18. Patent or Intellectual Property Lawyer

Acquiring a patent or safeguarding intellectual property, these areas are time-testing. Whatever, you may know, there is a need for expert advice. If you are in the law practice or have recently retired, you can make use of your experience and skills to earn an income.

19. Pet Groomer

Are animals your favorite? You like to keep pets clean and have the patience to deal with it? You can make this your home-based business by taking care of pets for a few hours or giving ideas on pet grooming.

20. Renter

An extra bedroom or a car lying idle? Look for items that are collecting dust, rent them out. People outside need many things and cannot afford it. You can give them on rent, thus earn an income, and your items will be good.

21. Virtual Assistant

Are you good at handling office duties like entering data, replying to emails, managing calendars, and social media? Then you are the perfect candidate. Start from your home online and earn hourly wages.

22. Travel Agent

There are plenty of travel sites, yet it is time-consuming to plan a travel. If you are good at planning travel, use your time to inform people how you can ease their travel plans. Show them the best deals and share your itineraries.

23. Realtor

Do you have people in the real estate business? You can become a realtor and bring potential buyers to buying home. Be ready to show the home to buyers. You can use technology and as a virtual realtor, give them a ride of the property without going in person.

24. Repairer

Do you like fixing things, such as bicycles, computers, or cars to launch your repair business? A little marketing and word-of-mouth referrals are enough to bring people to you. They will pay readily to get their things working.

25. Short Tasks

A short task is an assignment to complete quickly. It may be anything, watching a video, taking a survey, or writing a review. The pay may be less, but it is easy and fast to earn some money from home.