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10 Best Online Jobs from Home – without investment (Earn 50,000 Per Month)

Online Jobs from Home : Nowadays due to so many expenses, people need to earn some extra bugs from home. They want to earn but without investment. The reason is that there are loads of fake websites. They run sites to cheat people. They promise of giving online jobs after taking some fees but they neither give money nor jobs.

Today in this post I will tell you about some promising ways to earn through online at home without investment. Today in this post you will know some 10 Best Online Jobs from Home without investment and you can earn 30000 to 50,000 Per Month.

Online Jobs from Home

Online Jobs from Home

1. Freelance Content Writing

If you have a laptop or desktop and you are good at English with decent grammar knowledge then you can go for freelance content writing. You can apply for the content writer jobs requirements posted by many content agencies or companies. There are many publications that need writers to write about various topics.

Niches may vary like cooking, travel, business, health and so on. Payment for articles varies as per the content. It may be on average up to 100rs to 1000rs. All things depend on the employers and also writing skills of the writer. Some website which invites writers to write content for them is ProBlogger and Verblio.

2. Editing/Proofreading

If you are perfect at grammar and creativity then you can opt for editor or proofreader job. Many content writing companies need proofreaders to proofread the content written by their team and also do some necessary editing. This job is good as it’s a home-based job and for this job, you don’t need any sort of investment. Just by correcting spellings, punctuations, the grammar you can earn more and more as per your daily capacity. You can use fiver, up work, problogger.net sites for proofreading jobs.

3. Social Media Manager

If we talk about social media almost 100 per cent people are engaged in social media platforms. This platform can become an earning money source for you. You can work as a social media manager. How much you will earn as a social media manager depends on how many clients you earn with your efficiency and work. You may earn in thousands, but this depends on your social media managing skills. You can find jobs as a social media manager from sites like fiver, freelancer, and hired.com and so on.

4. Youtuber

Just as Facebook and other media platforms, YouTube is one of the most engaged and time spent platform especially in leisure time.

People who want to learn something also go for YouTube videos. If you are good at something like making some creative things, cooking foods you can exhibit your skills though YouTube and you can earn through that. You might see many YouTubers reviewing gadgets and tools.

They earn through that. They are getting paid for reviewing some big company’s gadgets. You can create videos on anything you like or on anything you are expert at like dancing, singing, musical instrument etc. If you are good at any subject like science or Mathematics or Hindi or any other language you can create videos and upload them on YouTube. For earning you just need a mobile with a good camera to shoot your video. If you have some photography or editing skill it may help you more. This online platform is best for housewives to earn. They need to invest time not money. After getting the popularity they can earn through collaborations with organizations to promote their stuff.

5. Online Reselling Business

This is one of the most trending and exciting ways to earn. You don’t need to invest anything in this work. Lots of people are earning through online reselling business. For this, you just have to reach to WhatsApp groups run by manufacturers and wholesalers and then you have to promote their stuff. For earning add on your margins to the actual cost of the stuff and earn handsome money every month. Many apps like Messho is helpful in this. Many ladies join this site and earn by selling the stuff. You can become a reseller of ladies clothing, male’s clothing, accessories, jewellery and many more things. You can earn more with the right tricks and promoting the right stuff to the right people. To earn more add on a little bit margin. Those who add more margins earn less compared to others. Through social media and WhatsApp, you can promote the stuff and earn in thousands to lakhs. The best thing is that you can sell stuff within India and for international clients too.

6. Blogger

One more way to earn without invest is blogging. You can say, blogging is one of the most popular jobs in which many of the people are engaged and they are earning handsome money monthly through AdSense and affiliate marketing. You can start doing blogging on the niche in you are perfect at and also u have good knowledge about that thing. For example, many ladies love gardening. They can start their own blog on gardening. They can write a way to grow veggies or flowers at home.

If you have to craft hobbies you can write content on that. Many who are good at cooking can write their unique way of making excellent and tasty dishes. Ladies fond of fashion and make can make a blog on fashion and skincare. After making the blog share it on social media. Slowly people will start following your blog and your blog will get traffic. When you start getting the traffic you can apply for Adsense. If you get the approval you can run ads on the blog and earn revenue from ads. Google earn through ads and they give some share to the bloggers who run those ads on their blogs.

7. Online Teaching/Coaching

Online Tutor Jobs

Online Tutor Jobs

Those who love teaching but can’t go out to do the teaching job due to household responsibilities can go for online teaching. This is also one of the most flourishing career options. You can teach from any part of the world to any part of the world. You are out of geographical limitations. There are many sites who hire teachers to teach their students online. Some websites ask for the experience but some just let you teach the subject you expertise.

This job is good as this may become regular income resource and this also saves time of going and coming back from school. Many colleges student do this job as part-time income source to meet their expenses. For this job you need a computer and internet and your time, that’s it. You can teach not only subjects but also your talents like dancing, crafting, painting, fashion designing, jewellery making and so on.

8. Data Entry/Typing Data

One of the easiest online job without investment is data entry or typing jobs. You need just the internet and a computer. With typing skills, you can earn good amount every month. Young people do data entry to earn extra bugs for themselves. Though, in this, you have to be careful about fake websites. People are given tests to enter in the system. This can be a part-time or full-time job. This job is apt for students and housewives.

9. Translation Services

Due to an increase in engagement in social media the need for translators is increased. If you are expert in your mother tongue or have learnt some international language then you can do the job of translators. Many hire translators to translate their content to get an audience from all languages and countries. Many call centres also hire translation specialist to work from home.

10. Stock Photography

If you love photography then you can earn through this hobby. If you have good photos clicking sense then click some best photographs as stock images. Whenever anyone downloads your clicked photo then you will earn a decent amount. Search what type of photos is mostly searched and click the best options for them.

Apart from these 10 Best Online Jobs from Home without investment if you some more ways do comment below and share with us and others.