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Infinite Scrolling image Slider

if you are searching for Infinite Scrolling image Slider ? Then you are in right place. here we are going to show how to create Infinite Scrolling Slider using html and css. This cool Snippet Designed by Jake Albaugh.

Infinite Scrolling image Slider

Demo : Infinite Scrolling image Slider

The html

[code language=”html”]
<div class="slider">
<div class="slider-row"></div>


[code language=”css”]
$img-w: 5912px;
$img-h: 389px;
$shrink: 2;
$ratio: 1 / $shrink;
$speed: 50s;

.slider {
position: absolute;
width: 100%;
top: calc(50% – #{$img-h * $ratio / 2});
overflow: hidden;
.slider-row {
width: $img-w * $ratio;
height: $img-h * $ratio;
background-image: url(https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/s.cdpn.io/111863/ubiquity-summit-web-01.png);
background-size: $img-w * $ratio $img-h * $ratio;
animation: slide $speed linear infinite;

@keyframes slide {
from { background-position-x: 0; }
to { background-position-x: -$img-w * $ratio; }

Infinite sliding image