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Right tricks to get more comments on your blog

get more comments on your blog : If you are also frustrated because your in- depth and comprehensive blog post was not even noticed by readers mainly due to its lack of comments? Comments on blogs not only captured the attention of readers by also maintains relationship with them because “Comments are more than statement”. Since we understand the pain of not receiving comments, we came up with another article providing all what you need to heighten your blog’s popularity. I am sure this article is going to be your best resource. So let’s explore and learn how to achieve this:

more comments on your blog

Ask open- ended questions

According to a survey, an open- minded question tends to engage more populace towards your blog. The more questions you put up the more are the chances of getting comments. By doing this you are asking them to jot down their personal views and opinions about the matter discussed in the blog. This is just a simple trick applied by all well-known bloggers. Engaging audience and developing relations is foremost ingredient while planning to get started with a blog. People usually end up on the blogs getting more visitors, so make sure to include all the open ended questions wherever and whenever required. Putting up questions in the conclusion part is a pretty good idea.

Whereas close- ended questions will ruin your blog and this is the major reason for not generating comments. The audience might get restricted with answers probably like “Yes” or “No”.

You’ll be pretty happy at the end, providing them room to express to the fullest and I am sure you will receive tons of comments.

Include a top list post

Adding the keywords might help visitors to search for your blog easily. Trying to be a professor or flaunting vocabulary wont work either because users are in need of relevant information. This you surely help you to enhance and improve your search traffic and bounce rate.

Create viral content

Creating viral content to increase blog traffic isn’t a tough job after you know these 3 secret.

The first secret isn’t a secret anymore which is to write great headlines, I am sure that 8 out of 10 people will read your content once you get it set right. Creating unique headlines with a bit of storytelling will grab the reader’s attention making them to read more and more. Try to connect with the audience since they have been there. Good headline helps the readers to encourage clicking the post, but make sure it should contain quality and truthful write-up.

The next tip is to set the right length. To make your content SEO optimized the word count should neither be less nor too high. The secret lies in setting it right every time- more words would increase the chances for SEO or to simplify a higher conversion rate. But trust me you are more likely to get views on your post if your limit your word count to short. Nobody likes to read and read neither me nor you right? Content with 500 words would not stand out anymore. Longer posts are best suitable for backlinks and organic leads which provide lots of evergreen news.

And, the third secret is to have an idea that is currently striking and trending on social media. Here the trick to achieve that:

  • And, the third secret is to have an idea that is currently striking and trending on social media. Here the trick to achieve that:
  • Generate ideas from comments and reviews
  • Use more and more social media like Twitter, Facebook and grab the best topic to write upon
  • Use more and more social media like Twitter, Facebook and grab the best topic to write upon

Use videos in your content

This trick might not be fit for everyone but if you insert a relevant video in your post, you’ll notice a difference- a difference in increase interest because it is a fact that people tend to remember more what they see and hear. As blogging became extensively useful for gaining leads and increasing sales, proficient bloggers work hard in mixing different media to relate with readers. Several bloggers opt this trick and even you get over 100 comments on your blog post via this strategy.

Be active on comments

“Being everywhere” is the right secret- simple yet effective way to build up social bookmarks and improves comments on your blog. Reach out your target audience and be consistent with your content strategy.
The law of reciprocity states that you receive what you do or to simplify spend quality of time making relevant and informative comments on other’s blog. But make sure to properly understand the subject of the article and then leave a comment, your comment should be written in such a way that it instantly grabs the attention, show yourself worth enough of enormous capabilities and abilities or you can simply put a question. The blog owner in turn would visit your blog and leave a comment, the people following and admiring that blogger would also follow suit.
Once people start noticing you everywhere they’ll try their hard to establish links with you making other bloggers to set an interview with you.

stir up conversation

A recent case study indicates that over 93% of employers put emphasis on good communication skills of the candidate. If you are writing up content for your blog post then stir up a conversation by making it convenient for the populace to grab the right information and not to misunderstand you. Stirring up a conversation usually means that you need to include an open- minded question in your conclusion except for the fact that the conversation has already been going on in your earlier posts.

Make a commitment in your headline

Now I know what you all must be wondering that don’t make promises you can’t keep. Well let me tell you all the politicians, rulers, sports leaders and consultants make certain promises, sometimes they fulfill and sometimes not. So the writer seeking response from their audience can jot down a promise in the headline. Trust me, fake promises result in higher search engine lag and bounce rate. A promise makes the interest of the readers to read on and find out if you are able to keep your promise. Simple tips to make your headline promise to increase comments:

  • Keep it realistic yet achievable
  • Use images, videos and presentations to improve the quality of your content
  • Assure the visitors that you will fulfill your promise
  • Intent to keep promise in your introduction section

Write your failure story

Science of emotions indicates that the factors of sadness in our stories keep readers connected. It is also a fact that brain tends to catch emotional responses like anger, happiness, sadness or mainly the experience that you have gone through. So it is always good to put some emotional elements in your blog post keeping aside rational ideas. Failure is a part of success in fact each one of us has experienced it once in our life. You know must be wondering how a sad story might generate comments? Then you are sadly mistaken because there are several examples of bloggers who receives comments in bulk take for an example Jon Morrow on Problogger.net generated more than 500 comments.

I hope after going through my article you will gather some relevant information and I am sure after applying these strategies you will receive tons of comments. Flaunt your blog as you know the secret. Good luck. Keep visiting.