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wordpress.com VS wordpress.org – which is better?

wordpress.com VS wordpress.org : In the world of WordPress, new beginners have to dig deep into it to find the accurate platform. They are often mistaken by the words, WordPress.com and WordPress.org which seems to appear same but a person well-versed with this term knows how exactly these two words differ from each other. If you are seeking the difference between both the terms, then you are at the correct place. Since we understand the pain of creating your blog engaging, we are here to spot the basic differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Excited to learn? Then read on.

wordpress.com VS wordpress.org

Well, the first thing you need to understand is the different meaning that both the term holds.


WordPress.com is a blogging and hosting service formed by a co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. The chaos creates due to the same founder as users misinterpret WordPress.com with other software WordPress.org. Regarded as the easiest and powerful blogging website it is also extensively used among populace due to its free access. A recent survey indicates that WordPress.com empowers more than 22.5% websites. With over 2600 themes and 3100 plugins available for free download WordPress fills the void in the market by not moving quickly to stay on top of blogging services but also enabling easy learning.


While on the other hand, WordPress.org is the site where you can locate the WordPress software.To get access to it one requires a domain name and web hosting. Due to this factor it is commonly referred as self- hosted WordPress. It is entirely free and customizable offering a platform for millions of users to control their websites on their own and making chances according to their desire.

How would you differentiate between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

The dominant difference between both the terms is that WordPress.com refers to an online website, with its assistance one could build, create and launch up a website whereas WordPress.org refers to self- hosted service which is made to use altogether with a web host. Let’s read in details about both to get a deeper knowledge of the subject:

  • Cost- The foremost difference between both the software lie in terms of cost. They both are free to access. Certain unforeseen expenses include:
  • Ecommerce: in case of setting up an online store, you might be in need of additional functions to display your products, handle their shipping or even return policies. All these could be achieved with either WordPress, but the only contradiction here includes that with WordPress.com you have to pay for third- party eCommerce tools as opposed to WordPress.org which employs free eCommerce apps to its users.
  • Storage: WordPress.com contains an average storage of about 3GB where a user can post unlimited number of blogs whereas WordPress.org provides either limited or unlimited storage capacity depending upon the hostage provider.
  • Domains: WordPress.com offers a free subdomain but you can pay for your own personalized domain accordingly in contrast to WordPress.org where a user must buy own domain name to get it started.
  • Website designs and themes- WordPress.com restricted the use of unlimited themes or to simplify it offers limited theme support. It also does not encourage third-party plugins either. Alternatively WordPress.org gives sanction to unlimited themes, add-ons and tons of plugins obtainable for free at your service.
  • Support and security- as far as security is concerned WordPress.com and Wordpree.org are pretty much on same ground. To elaborate WordPress.com enables two- factor authentication and advice strong password. Taking its lead away WordPress.org organizes a meeting of nearly about 250,000 members to discuss and have a word with each other on the topic of security. Covering over 2 million topics of support forum, WordPress.org committed to provide a secure place to its active users.
  • Mobile blogging- WordPress.com supports sundry devices including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows phone. On the other hand the only two devices supported by WordPress.org are Android and iOS.
  • Videos and audios- in terms of videos WordPress.com can insert videos from sites like Vimeo and YouTube. While accessing premium plans allows one to upload videos directly to their website. It also supports MP3, M4A, WAV and OGG audio files. As far as WordPress.org is concerned it permits to upload videos and audios from other sites. Sundry audio and video gallery plugins are available to boost the uploading process.

I hope you would have gain something by now. If not then don’t panic as this comparison chat might help you to learn more.

wordpress.com VS wordpress.org

which one is better – wordpress.com OR wordpress.org?

Considering all the above points, I would strongly recommend WordPress.com for personal blo gger and who don’t care about money. In case of a business blogger seeking money through websites WordPress.org is ideal as it allows the excessive liberty to grow and customize your website as per your convenience. Also calculated in terms of experts’ self- hosted WordPress is a way better platform- a platform made into use by owners of Disney and Sony Music.

I tried to cover all the relevant points which would help you to spot the difference between both the software. Thank you all. Keep visiting.

wordpress.com VS wordpress.org – which is better? Wondering what’s the difference between WordPress.org vs WordPress.com? Here’s a comprehensive comparison of wordpress.com VS wordpress.org.