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Full Form

CPU full form, cpu full form in computer

CPU full form : CPU represents Central Processing Units. It is responsible for executing and processing instructions. The CPU is the computer brain and the calculations take place in its brain. The CPU is an important element of the computing power of a computer system.

CPU full form

CPU full form

The CPU is the integrated circuitry chip in a computer. It interprets the computer commands. It performs the logic, basic arithmetic and I/O operations, besides allocating commands for components and other chips in a computer.

The CPU is also known as processor interchangeably, although CPU in a computer is not the only processor. The hard drive, the GPU (graphics processing unit), and other devices in a computer perform processing independently. Processors are found in smartphones, PCs, tablets, and computers.

What does CPU do?

The main function of a CPU is to take from a peripheral such as a mouse, keyboard or a printer, or computer program the input and to interpret that it needs. Thus, the CPU either gives information as output that you see in your monitor or perform the peripheral requested task.

What are CPU Components?

The CPU has two main components:

  • ALU (arithmetic logic unit)- It performs logical, mathematical, and decision operations.
  • CU (control unit)- It directs the operations of all the processors.

CPU Operations

There are four CPU operations as the primary functions of a processor are fetch, decode, execute and write back.

  • Fetch- It is the operation receiving instructions from a systems RAM program memory.
  • Decode- It is where your instruction gets converted to understand the other CPU parts to continue the operation. It is performed by the instruction decoder.
  • Execute- It is the place operation is performed. Each CPU part required gets activated and carries out the instructions.

Components and CPUs work

The main CPU components are the ALU, registers and control unit. The ALU and registers basic functions are labeled in the “basic elements of a processor section.” The control unit operates the fetching and does instructions execution.

A personal computer processor is embedded in small devices known as a microprocessor. It means the elements of the processor are in a single IC chip. A CPU is a small device in a motherboard. It has pins on it that faces down on the motherboard. Some computers use a multi-core processor, it means a chip having more than one CPU. CPUs can be attached to a motherboard using a heat sink and there should be a fan to beat the heat.

Speed of CPU transferring data

Any device using electrical signals, travels almost to the light speed that is 299,792,458 m/s. The speed depends on the medium it is traveling. The electrical signals travel mostly at 75 to 90% light speed.

Can a GPU replace the place of a CPU?

It is not possible. GPU’s, actually do many things similar as a CPU, but do not have the ability to perform functions that requires software and other operating systems.

Can a computer work without a CPU?

No. There is a need for computers to have some type of CPU to stay functional.