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Full Form

Raw full form , What is the full form of RAW?

The full form of RAW is the Research and Analysis Wing. This is one of the popular international intelligence agencies. RAW agency came into existence after two wars, Indo china war fought in 1962 and Indo Pak war fought in 1965. The year was Sep 1968 when this agency came into existence. Rameshwar Nath Kao was the first director of RAW who played important role in the creation of the agency.

Full Form of RAW

Full Form of RAW

Why RAW agency was created

RAW agency was created because IB, the intelligence agency of India before this agency, didn’t work well during the wars against China and Pakistan. They failed to detect that china is preparing to attack India. Thus, after their miserable performances during these two wars RAW agency came into existence.

RAW objectives

  1. RAW agency main objective is to monitor military and political changes and developments in neighbouring countries which can directly affect on national security of India.
  2. They also play important role in creating foreign policies.
  3. Have an eye on the supply of military-related hardware to Pakistan from various countries like china and US.
  4. They always participate in counter-terrorism.

Staff under RAW

RAW started with 250 agents in the agency with a budget of $400,000. With the time it increased to thousands of personnel, though the budget assigned to the agency is a secret. RAW agency doesn’t report to defense ministry but they report straight to PM of our country. The RAW agency chief is elected secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat and this cabinet secretariat is a part of PM office. Some of the officers are from Research and Analysis Service and some are from other security services for example Indian police.

How to join RAW

Many patriots dream to be a part of this respectable Indian agency who are always ahead in serving the nation. Those who want to enter should to these eligibilities-

Education qualification

Graduation from a reputed university.
The aspirant has to be at least one foreign language expert.

Age Limit

Aspirants should be under 56 years of age.
At least 20 years experience of security service is mandatory

Other Eligibilities

Candidate should be a citizen of India.
No criminal background.
No drug addiction.

To enter this agency aspirant has to give written exam Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam {CGPE}. This exam is conducted every year by the Staff Selection Commission. After clearing all the stages of exams and qualifying interview they get a chance to be a part of a prestigious national security agency RAW.