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Full Form

GOOGLE Full form , What is Full form of GOOGLE?

GOOGLE represents the Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. There is no full form for Google officially. It is from the word ‘googol’ that refers to a huge number. ‘googol’ refers to a number followed by 100 zeros.

GOOGLE Full form

GOOGLE Full form


Google is a popular search engine. It is an American company. The company has its income from advertising, and it has branched into various areas such as software, cloud computing, and hardware. Google Inc is a US-based Multinational Corporation. It offers a specialty in the services and products that are internet-related.

The CEO of Google is Sundar Pichai. Google launched in 2004 its email service web-based for free, Gmail, and introduced Google Maps and Google Earth in 2005. Google introduced for mobile devices an open platform, Android, and Google Chrome browser.

Google is a US-based multinational technology company and is today the biggest technology companies. Google was underway as a Larry Page research project and enrolled in 1995 in a computer science graduate program. He met Sergey Brin, a CS student. Page was linking on the world wide web and came into creating a system that going through the internet and was linking the other pages. It became a new search engine type. They two created the algorithm of PageRank.

How is it useful?

The search engine of Google was the first product of Google, and it is the best popular product even today. The web searches of Google provide results quickly, and the search engine is spectacular. You get relevant web pages, and you can translate the web pages to other languages of your choice.

Google is faster in search than others to get the required results. It delivers results to millions in .19 of a second. The technical infrastructure is the best. Agencies also like Google for its platform and tools.

There is Bing ads/Adwords in the advertising section. You can set on Google something in a few minutes than other platforms. It provides a toolset to use such that it includes WebMaster and Analytics.

Google’s algorithm is sophisticated and determines the relevant sites. It has more data than any other place that makes more informed decisions. It tells you what you type even before you do.

Overlooking Google is impossible. You can find them everywhere. There is not a lot of advertisement, but a lot of other services are Google-based, you get to hear them a lot.