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Full Form

MD Full form , What is the Full form of MD?

MD represents a Doctor of Medicine. MD is the Postgraduate/Master’s degree. A candidate is eligible to apply only after completing their MBBS degree. An MD degree in some countries is professional surgeons and physicians doctorate degrees. Others see it as a research degree that is equivalent to a Ph.D.

MD Full form

MD Full form

Students completing MBBS and an MD must obtain training on their specialization. MD specializations include gynecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, obstetrics, dentistry, and so on. An MD degree presents a student as a specialist in a particular medical branch. The degree of MD is for 2 years. There is a mandate of submission of thesis and dissertation in various colleges and universities as a program requirement.

Completing a Pre-med program does not permit to seek entry as doctor, or there is no admission assurance into medical school, but it is a must to initiate an MD program. The medicine field is highly competitive, and students having a high GPA (Grade Point Averages) in the undergraduate secure admission.


In the United States of America, a medical professional first degree is known as Doctor of Medicine, an MD. A student should complete an undergraduate degree, a 4-year program to pursue as MD. On completing the undergraduate studies, the student can pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), before moving on to the MD 4-year degree. Extensive training and evaluation prepare here the students to take on understanding the medical complexities and nuances.

India and the UK

In the UK and India, MD, in the medical science field, is an advanced degree. It is the same as a Ph.D. or a doctorate. In India, students first complete an MBBS degree. Upon completing the degree, they acquire training and are known as a licensed physician. An MD degree gives a post graduate higher degree and is eligible for specialty training. Medical graduates with MBBS degrees can alone pursue an MD degree. Thus, after completing a study for 3 years and giving the respective exam that includes practical and theoretical, a candidate will have the MD degree conferred.

Why study MD?

Apart from financial gain, studying MD involves a lot of responsibility and dedication. It is a long-term commitment.

  • On completing MD, there are diverse career opportunities in the medical field. You can choose to work in healthcare facilities or hospitals. Medicine is a huge area that you can focus on any subdiscipline.
  • Medicine jobs are everywhere. You can find a job, but learning the local language is helpful.
  • Doctors are always in demand. The healthcare professionals need is high that medicale students get jobs after graduation soon.
  • Healthcare careers offer job safety and high salaries.