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Full Form

MNC Full form , What is the Full form of MNC?

Full form of MNC is Multinational Corporation. This is one of the company who operates many offices in many countries and controls all from their headquarter which is established in their home country.MNC is also named as MNE ie multinational enterprise. One of the earliest MNC was east India company. This company came to India in the 17 th century. At present, there are numerous renowned companies which have branches in lots of countries. Some of the examples are Pepsi, coco-cola, apple, Microsoft, Infosys, Samsung, Nike etc.

MNC Full form

MNC Full form

Advantages of MNC

  1. MNC is a big enterprise who invests loads of money in their projects and also introduces many high tech technologies in other countries to widen up and to boost up their markets.
  2. They make international standard products on a large scale. These big companies mainly focus on mass production of the services and products so that the cost of production lessens which in turn increase their profits. Because of less production cost, they provide reasonably priced products and services to the host country people.
  3. Because of the large scale of production, they are always in need of big staff to work for them. This requirement leads to generate lots of jobs in the host country. People of host country get good chances to become a part of MNC. They work in various departments like finance department, production department, administrative department and so on.
  4. These companies are very important to generate revenue for the government. They pay taxes like export duty and GST.
  5. They pay an important role in maintaining balance in the trade of the country in which they are operating their projects.
  6. Production in host country helps to minimize import as they may produce a good substitute for the imported items. Many times products produced in surplus quantity can be imported to other countries.

  7. MNCs bring new technology to the host country which benefits the people of the host country. They learn new technologies and become more skilled in a specific field.
  8. The business of MNCs is of wide-scale and is well established in many countries thus the employees who work there get good salaries.
  9. MNCs produce for the market of the whole world thus they produce quality products and services as per the international standards.

Disadvantage of MNC

Big MNC produces low-cost products because of produce products in large scale with low-cost expenses with the help of modern and high tech technology. Their low-cost products slowly capture the market of the host country which puts an adverse effect on the local companies of the host country. As the local companies cant product at such a large scale and at low cost thus people go to buy low-cost products of MNCs. This becomes a big reason closing of local companies.