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Full Form

NRC Full Form, What is the Full form of NRC?

The Full form of NRC is National Register of Citizens. The creation of this register was mandated in the 2003 Amendment of the Citizenship Act, 1955. It is a register for all Indian citizens. The aim is to document all the Indian citizens legally so that they are identified easily among the illegal migrants who can be deported.

NRC Full Form

Who is an NRC Indian Citizen?

An NRC citizen in India is the one born on or after 1 July, 1987. It is before the Citizenship Act of Amendment has its commencement in 2003. It means either of the parents should be an Indian citizen at the birth time to be identified as an Indian citizen.

Is NRC Applicable for entire India?

The NRC (National Register of Citizens) is for all Indian citizens. This register creation has 2003 mandated amendment act of citizenship. The aim is to document the citizens of India legally. On doing it the illegal migrants will be identified easily and they can be transported or expelled from India, without further delay.

What you need to know about NRC?

NRC updating is a must. It is updated in Assam and the government is planning the NRC update throughout the country.  In Assam, it was updated to find out the Bangladeshi foreign nationals. These are the people who entered in the 1971 Bangladeshi freedom war into the Assam. According to NRC, these are the people who will be in the NRC as the Assam citizens or if their ancestors were living in Assam even before 25 March 1971.

What is the National Register of Citizenship (NRC)?

The NRC was an attempt to know citizens, their holdings, and houses. It was prepared in 1951.  The aim to update NRC was raised since 1975 by the All Assam Students Union.
The accord Assam of 1985 assures to delete, detect names from the electoral rolls. It was done to deport the Bangladeshi refugees as they entered in midnight into the Assam state on 24 March 1971. It was exactly one day before the freedom war of Bangladeshi began.
The NRC process was initiated in 2013 as per the Supreme Court order. Assam alone update the NRC, as the only state.

Purpose of NRC

The NRC basic purpose is to recognize Indian and foreign nationals. This was important as the All Assam Students Union as well as other Assam citizens claim the migrants from Bangladeshi are involved in criminal acts and have looted the rights in the state. Thus, they want the refugees to be deported from their state and the country.