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Full Form

PhD Full Form, What is the Full form of PhD?

The Full form of Ph.D is Doctor of Philosophy. It is awarded on completing original thesis by students as a new significant contribution in their subject. The qualifications of PhD are in all subjects and are the highest in the academic degree to achieve.

PhD Full Form

PhD Full Form

PhD Definition

The PhD can be defined as a status.  It is a doctorate qualification acquiring a doctoral degree. To qualify as a PhD, there is a need to make a new significant contribution as advanced work in the chosen discipline. On doing it, it can earn the ‘Doctor’ title.
The PhD is a common doctorate type and is awarded in academic fields. They are awarded for practical and professional subjects and also in specific subject areas. All PhDs are termed as doctorates, but not all the doctorates are PhDs.

What does 'PhD' stand for?

PhD represents ‘Doctor of Philosophy' an abbreviation of, (Ph)Philosophiae (d)doctor, the Latin term. The word 'philosophy' refers to Greek original meaning: Philo (friend or lover of) Sophia (wisdom).

  • The PhD Origin: This is an ancient Greek degree. It was developed in the 19th century Germany, in association with the modern research university. Mastery focusing higher education of an existing body and acquiring high academic rank was a Master’s degree.
  • With the shift in focus onto production of ideas and new knowledge, the PhD degree came into recognition of demonstrating essential expertise and skills.

What is involved?

A PhD is a clean research degree. It does not ask one to get locked in a laboratory or library all the time. The PhD in modern times is a varied and diverse qualification featuring many components.

A typical PhD involves:

  • Conducting research and collecting original results.
  • Carry out a review or survey of the literature.
  • Producing theses with your conclusions.
  • Defending thesis in viva voce exam.
  • Writing theses and presented as a dissertation.

These stages vary between universities and subjects, but they fall into the same sequence during a full-time typical PhD.

PhD Required Skillset

Aspirants wishing to pursue in a subject or field a PhD should be a person with a lot of passion and interest for the topic. A PhD aspirant should be ready to spend hours going through a topic in-depth. They should have the required dedication and skill set, in association with the preparedness to working while they are pursuing a PhD. The aspirants should perform research and collaborate the research findings conducted by them. These aspirants should be well-versed in presenting their findings and thoughts that their written communication means proficiency in writing.
PhD aspirant key skills required are:

  •  Inquisitiveness, dedication, good at research, hard-working, self-motivated, staying
    organized with reports, good writing capacity, and keen observer