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Full Form

PHP Full Form , What is the full form of php?

PHP represents Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a scripting language that is powerful and fits into HTML gracefully. Thus, it puts tools in people’s hands to enable them to create dynamic websites.

PHP Full Form

PHP Full Form

What Is PHP?

PHP refers to a program that requires installing on the top of your web server software. It goes well with Apache versions, Microsoft IIS and other software server packages.

PHP is in use by inserting PHP code within the HTML to make your website. A client visiting a web page on the web contains this code means your server can execute. Thus, you must install your server to test locally the PHP, the server is the brain and not the browser.

As PHP is a scripting language, code is not essential to compile and so it gets processed when necessary on the fly. There is no need for special plug-ins or anything else to see PHP in action.
PHP is an open-source language and its control center is PHP.net. There is deep, exceptional information of the language in PHP.net, but a newcomer may find it puzzling.

What is a PHP file?

PHP files have extension “.php”
PHP code can execute on the server, while the result returns as plain HTML to the browser.
PHP files contain HTML, text, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP code.

What Can PHP do?

  • PHP can generate dynamic page content
  • PHP can encrypt data.
  • PHP can collect from data
  • PHP can control user-access
  • PHP can create, read, write, open, delete, and close the server files
  • PHP can delete, add, modify data in the database
  • PHP can receive and send cookies
  • With PHP there is no restriction to output HTML. There is plenty to do, you can output PDF files, images, and also Flash movies. You can output any text, such as XML and XHTML.

    Why PHP?

    Using PHP is beneficial as it runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, etc, various platforms. It supports a range of databases. It is compatible with all servers that is in used today. It is cost-free and you can download from official resource of PHP: www.php.net. It is simple to learns and the best advantage is that it runs efficiently on any server side.

    Now the PHP 7 is new and it is much faster. The improvement part of PHP 7 is that it has improved error handling. PH& supports new operators and strict type declaration to suit function arguments.

    PHP and WordPress

    PHP is a scripting and programming language that it allows creating dynamic interactive websites. Using the PHP scripting language, WordPress is written. It is possible because just like WordPress, PHP is an Open Source.

    PHP is a programming language in the server side. As a user requests for a web page containing PHP code, the PHP module processes the code on the web server. The pre-processor PHP generates the output of HTML that appears on the browser screen of the user.

    In WordPress PHP files there is a .php extension. PHP can be useful inside HTML documents. A user of WordPress need not learn PHP in order to run, use, or manage a website that is WordPress powered.