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Full Form

PNR Full form , What is the Full form of PNR?

Full form of PNR is passenger number record. PNR is a number which helps a passenger to check whether the reservation done by the passenger is confirmed or not. Ticket holders always use this tool to check before leaving for travelling. PNR status helps the passenger to get info regarding weighting list. This helps them to go to the station as if the ticket is booked online it will be cancelled on its own. If the PNR status shows the confirmed seat as RAC that it means that the passenger will get a seat to sit. With RAC ticket is not cancelled, passenger can travel with the ticket. PNR status not only gives info regarding the confirmation of birth but also about the train timings. It tells about the arrival time of the train and also the departure time of the train. PNR status also has details about the fare charged for the birth and also the details about the coach number. We can say that PNR status is complete info regarding our travel journey. There are many sites which help to check PNR status.

PNR Full form

PNR Full form

As the passenger travel the journey booked the PNR status is of no use.  This is because the database needs to check the security and privacy of the passengers.

 PNR Status checking process

PNR status checking process is very easy. Anybody can check it with the help of internet.  Open google browser and write PNR status in the search bar. You will see many sites. Open any of the sites and write the PNR written on the ticket or on online ticket mail. Write that 10 digit number in check PNR status bar and click on search. A new page will open and in that page, you will get your ticket PNR status with complete details.

How PNR Status Works

Indian railway runs a railway information system which has data about the tickets booked. All info is stored in the database. Whenever a passenger books a ticket on any online portal this system generate 10 digit numbers for the person. Most of the people use IRCTC website for booking train tickets. If a person books a ticket for one or six number then one PNR will be generated for all those 6 passengers.

Where the PNR number is printed on the ticket

Passengers many times get confused and take time in searching PNR number in a ticket as there are many details in the ticket. In tickets booked through the window, PNR number is printed on the left side of the ticket at the top and tickets booked through online portals have PNR number printed at the top of the ticket in a separate cell.

If passenger lost PNR number

If a person lost his e-ticket printout then he didn’t have PNR now. To get the PNR number again passenger just has to check the booked history in IRCTC website after login. There they will get the booked ticket tickets and new print can be taken from any cyber café or any computerized reservation counter. In reservation counter, you need to show your id proof. They will share a duplicate ticket to the passenger.