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Full Form

SEO Full form , What is the Full form of SEO?

Full form of SEO is search engine optimization.  Whenever any user searches any term in Google, the content as per the search comes on the page. You will find some websites on the first page. They are on the first page because of SEO.  SEO is the process of optimizing the web content so that your website comes on the first page whenever somebody searches for the term which is related to your content. SEO process makes it easier for a search engine to scan, index and find your sites.

SEO Full form

SEO Full form

Why To Do SEO

SEO is a very important part when we talk about the traffic for the sites. Every single day billions of users search on search engines. This means any website can get huge and targeted traffic. Users search for the services and product and they are ready to pay for that.  This means you get a good chance to get buyers for your services and products. So for bringing them to your site it is must that you optimize it fully.

In other words, SEO is magic which you have to create on your content so that Google like your content and bring it to the first page for the keyword.

Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

When we talk about black hat SEO bloggers prepare content and posts for the search engine and they don’t pay much importance to the quality of the content. They break the rules of search engines and try out many ways to get site rank. This is done mostly by the event bloggers who want to make huge money faster in a few months or days.  Most of the time these sites turn into crappy and spammy pages which get banned by Google. When the sites get banned all the hard work and dedication goes in vain and marketer lose their site.

In white hat, SEO marketers develop content for the person, which makes them sustainable for the long term. In this blogger create the best content with the correct usage of keywords and they follow all the Google algorithms and updates. They make their content easily accessible for search engines.

Factors of SEO

1. On-Page factors

  • Use the keyword in the title.
  • Keyword should be in Meta description of the article.
  • Use the keyword in heading 1.
  • Length of the article should be long. As per the experts the long articles ranks faster.
  • Don’t use duplicate content. It should be plagiarism-free.
  • Using the canonical tag, this means there should be a single URL for the content. With similar content different URL should be there.
  • Optimize the image. Add alt text, description and caption to the image. Use the keyword of the article.
  • Make a habit of updating the content in regular intervals; this is because Google gives preference to freshly updated content.
  • Make outbound links. When a site link to some authoritative pages this creates trust signals, but avoid making too many outbound links.
  • Keyword should be there in URL of the post.

  • 2. Site factors


  • Create sitemap and submit in Google.  This indexes all your pages.
  • As per SEO experts, server location is important to boost rank.
  • Make your site mobile friendly. Optimize for mobile users.
  • Verify your site at Google webmasters. This will help to index sites.
  • 3. Off-Page factors

  • Comment on the sites relevant to your keywords and make backlinks.  The high-quality linking domains help to rank.
  • Make backlinks from different domains than the single domain.
  • Link your sites to the sites which have high domain authority.
  • Link your posts to the homepage of your site.
  • Make do-follow links more than the no-follow links.
  • Make a diverse type of links. Links same type of can create an image of the spammy site and this will affect ranking.
  • Try to create contextual links. This means creating links within the article content inspire of sidebar links.
  • 4. Domain factors


  • Domain age is an important factor for ranking.
  • Never buy a penalized domain. The history of domain affects the rankings.
  • Country TLD extension is also important. This is country-specific for example. uk,  co. etc. This helps to rank locally.