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Full Form

SIP Full form , What is Full form of SIP?

Full form of SIP is Systematic investment plan. This plan is an investment plan to invest a small amount in mutual funds. Small fund houses offer SIP to make it easy for the investors to invest in their mutual funds. Investment in SIP can be weekly or monthly or quarterly, as per the convenience of the investor. This is one of the best ways for the retail investors to invest because it’s easy for them to invest a small amount compare to big amount. This doesn’t put a burden on their pockets.

SIP Full form

SIP Full form

Is SIP tax-free?

Those who want to save on taxes can opt for SIP. In this, they save taxes and also get good returns on investment.

How to invest in SIP

For investing in a SIP, you have to be KYC compliant. A person can use an online portal to become a KYC compliant. They need pan card, address proof which can be a passport, Aadhar card or electricity bill etc, passport size photos and for bank details they need to take cheque book.

People who prefer SIP

Most of a salaried person who saves some amount after all monthly expenses like to invest through SIP. People who are not aware of stock market timings go for a SIP as they feel comfortable to invest low or limited amount.

Reason to invest in SIP

  • People are scared to invest in the stock market as they can get affected by wrong timing of investment. They might invest in high rates and end up in selling those in low rates. Many negative experiences and sad stories of
    others stop them to invest but in SIP it the investment is for a long period thus there are good chances of getting good returns of investments.
  • In SIP investor invest in the regular interval in the equity market. This helps them to increase their wealth in a long period as they get better chances to get benefits from a few market cycles.
  • Small investment plans are affordable and convenient as they can start as low as 500rs per month. In this plan student too can invest with their pocket money.
  • Investor is stress-free in this sort of investment as they don’t have to think about market timing and on decided frequency amount is deducted from the bank account.
  • With SIP people start developing a good habit of saving money and not spending all the earnings. This monthly small amount of saving can end up to a big amount in future.