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What is a computer?

What is computer : A computer is not a foreign term in today’s generation and to start from the basics- a computer is an electronic device that works through data. We have learned this definition since our primary schools and it will be in our memories till the day we die.

It works on the data be it storing, retrieving, or processing, computers are one dynamic creation of humans that has changed human’s lives drastically in a good way. Computers are used widely and worldwide for any and everything. We play games on it, work on it, surf the internet, store data, send emails, and do any more useful things.

What is a computer

What is a computer

The first-ever computer that was introduced in the world was called ENIAC which was built during world war II. It was used for calculations without any error that was tougher for humans to do.

Its structure

Before we proceed in detail, let’s talk about its structure which is hardware and software- these are the two parts that the computers are made of.

Hardware is the physical part of the computer which you can see or touch such as keyboard, mouse, etc, while the software is the invisible part, it is a set of instructions on which the hardware works such as web browsers and processors. Software instructs the hardware on what to do and how to do stuff given by the humans.

There are different parts of a computer that help them work efficiently, which consists of- processor that performs tasks given by both hardware and software, memory works as primary storage, a motherboard that connects all the other components, and a storage device which is secondary storage and stores data permanently.

Different types of computers

Computers are classified as general-purpose, special-purpose, and specialized computers. A general-purpose computer includes desktop computers, which are generally used at work, home, and schools. Special-purpose computers are found in ATMs, cars, microwaves, TVs, and other electronic devices, which are also widely used. They cover the home appliances. Specialized computers are similar to a general-purpose computers with only one difference which is specialized computers are designed to perform simpler tasks.

How are computers used today?

Computers are now used as desktops, hybrid, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and notebook forms. Computers were a necessity in the past, present, and will be a necessity in the future as well. Today our ninety percent of the work depends on computers from smaller to bigger work we are relying on this machine. In schools, students are taught about computers from an early stage, and then while growing up, they get some insights about programming. One thing that is common for all the people that uses a computer is for the storage of data although, in today’s times’ many smartphones are made with large storage, they still can’t compare with the memory of computers. We work on computers using MS office, share data over mail, exchange information, do business virtually, etc. Computers are life saviors in today’s time because we humans can never be so accurate in calculations, arranging data, manipulating data, and storing information.

Applications of computers are unlimited, and today every educated person knows how to use a computer even, people who have not attended school can use mobile phones very easily. Technology has made it into our lives, and now we can’t survive without using it. Computers are used in every field which includes education, entertainment, medical field, industry, government, banking, and business, etc. Almost every business uses computers nowadays, and they are not limiting to it, computers help them keep a record of their employees and their information which might be needed in the future. In the field of education, computers have made the studies more informative and entertaining, which students find boring while reading books but, the same thing becomes interesting when seen on the projector. In the medical field, for doctors, computers have made it easier to analyze the diagnoses and research about the new drugs, and also, they can discuss their data with other medical experts.

Computers have made it easier for every sector of people all around the world. Our cars consist of a navigation system that helps you know exactly where you are on the planet. Weather forecasting is another good example of the usage of computers and it also processes a large amount of meteorological information. One of the good uses of computers in today’s time is security and surveillance- the creations like face recognition, thumb recognition have made our lives safer than before and which also saves us from any fraudulent activities, CCTVs are widely used in every house, business, buildings, and industries so that crimes can be lessened in this world.

The supporting character that helps computers become more useful is the internet, today, the internet is like electricity, if there is no internet then there is only darkness in the world. We are so dependent on them that they have become an important part of our lives, we do online shopping, books tickets, get appointments online, study, socialize online, and even date online. You can visit virtually just by sitting and relaxing on your sofa through the internet. You can research data from anytime the on your computer and learn new things whenever you want. Apple Macs and computers have set another trend in the market, and there is a huge demand for these brands among people, they are crazy over Apple brands and companies are more than competitive in today’s time.

Although computers have a big impact on our daily lives, there can be also some negative effects of these on our daily lives like people become more dependent on technology than trusting their memory even socializing becomes different, but if used in a better way, computers are a true partner for humans. The world is changing, and technology is evolving every day, and there will be a time where a computer will help us in a more good way in coming times. Computers still are a necessity for mankind and will always help humans to make their life easier.