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What is a Motherboard? Why is it used?

What is a Motherboard
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What is a Motherboard : Also referred to as the mb, mainboard, mboard, main circuit board, system board, or logic board on different computers. The motherboard is defined as the printed circuit board and the foundation of a computer, which is the biggest board in the computer case. Motherboard distributes power and ensures communication to and between the CPU, RAM, and other computer hardware components.

What is a Motherboard

What is a Motherboard

It acts as a meeting point in the computer’s central part, which connects all the components and external peripherals of the computer. Motherboard consists of multiple forms which, are designed to fit the different types and sizes of computers.


PCB consists of different layers of fiberglass ranging from 6 to 14 and, they have different planes to ensure the power and signal of their computer. Other components can also be added to the motherboard through expansion slots. These expansion slots help people when they want to upgrade their motherboard.

The most commonly used motherboard in recent times is ATX, an advanced Intel on the AT design made by IBM. Other forms include extended ATX mini ATX, micro ATX, BTX, micro BTX, mini ITX, macro ITX, and nano ITX.

Types of motherboard

Every computer has its motherboard. You can identify the motherboard from your computer specs. Different type of motherboard analyzes what type of parts your computer can utilize and the measures the limits of upgradations of the computer in the future.

You can choose Motherboards based on size, shape, layout, and mounting patterns on them. If you have a business in computer building this is essential for the development of computer cases that follow the size of the motherboard.

Desktops, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other classes of computers consist of motherboards, but usually, when one talks about motherboards they are mostly made for desktops. Motherboards used in making computer desktops follow a standard form factor and so people know exactly what size to build, what type of CPU to use, and what type of units they need to build a computer with particular specifications.

Some common types of Motherboard-
• XT Motherboard
• AT Motherboard
• Baby AT Motherboard
• ATX Motherboard

Components of a Motherboard

The motherboard serves as the main component of a computer. It works as a circuit board through which the other components connect to. It is the motherboard that connects components and is responsible for the functioning of a computer. It is the second most useful part of the component while making a computer.

Here are some interfaces and parts you will find on a Motherboard-
• CPU Sockets
• DIMM slots
• SATA connector
• Power connector
• Chipset
• Floppy connector
• IO Chip
• IO Connectors
• USB ports
• Audio connector
• IDE connector
• CMOS battery header
• PCI Express slots
• PCI slots
• Clock generator
• Expansion slots
• Heat sinks

Importance of Motherboard

Motherboard plays a crucial role in the computer system, it is a part of computer hardware where all the other units of the computer connect and interacts. It ensures that all the elements of the computer work together for the proper functioning of the computer. Motherboards perform a variety of functions depending on the functions of the computer system. Some of them are-

  1. Embedded motherboards are often used in ovens, calculators, cell phones, and digital cameras, which enhance the performance of these devices. Their smaller size makes them quicker to load. They utilize lesser resources which saves a lot of money. These embedded solutions can be attached to your computer to enhance your performance and speed up your internet browsing.
  2. Accessories of motherboards can be used to enhance the functioning of the computer hardware. It upgrades productivity and ensures comfort for the gamers who are frequent as well as novice players. Various cooling devices coming under this prevents your system from overheating. Various CPU accessories help increase network productivity. A fan connector ensures proper airflow in your computer system, protects the data and improves its performance. Various computer accessories secure graphic and memory cards in place to reduce pressure on the motherboard.
  3. Motherboards for server system differs for the persons using it at office and home. They come in designs that enhance the processing of loads and carry out heavy work effortlessly. The motherboard used for the server requires a capable power supply, a high-speed bus, fan, and I/O interfaces. It also offers two types of processors that help people boost their performance while gaming.
  4. Motherboards used in computers are upgradable. It is completely normal and possible to upgrade the motherboard when the needs of a computer change. Make sure that the parts upgraded are compatible with the old ones. A versatile motherboard for your computer can not only save you money but also makes a good return on your investment.
What is the use of motherboards in our life?

Without the Motherboard, your PC won’t function properly. It connects the computer components, which is why it is termed as ‘Hub’, we don’t look inside the motherboard regularly, but it is wise to know about the ins and outs of your motherboard. The motherboard looks like flat cardboard with different wires soldiered to it.

Many people believe that a motherboard has minimal effect on the performance of your PC, but if you upgrade it, it will support a faster CPU, more memory, and faster disk interfaces. We all have great uses for computers in our daily lives. Be it professionally or personally, the demand for computers or technology never ends.

We need work done efficiently and quickly for that you need to have an upgraded motherboard for your computer. It not only loads data quickly but also improves your internet browsing speed. It does not cost much but saves you from hassle.

Motherboards are a very important part of computer hardware which performs numerous work and helps other parts to work properly. Without the motherboard, a computer is good for nothing device. It is used in all kinds of computers and has become essential in this generation where people want their work to be done in an instant.