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Full Form

BSc Full form , What is Full form of BSc?

Full form of BSc is Bachelor of Science. This course is for science students. This is a graduation degree course with 2 durations, one is of 3 years and one is for 5 years. In India BSC is of 3 years and in countries like Argentina is for 5 years.

BSc Full form

BSc Full form

Eligibility Criteria for BSc

For getting admission in BSc students must have science subject as a compulsory subject in 12th standard. In many colleges, admission is conducted on the basis of percentage scored in 12th science stream but some conduct college-level entrance exams.

BSc Course Options

There are many options for doing BSc. Some choose BSc plain and some choose BSc Hons. Students with an interest in IT informational technology and computers can opt for BSC under computer science branch.

In BSc Plain course subjects that are included are statistics, Home Science, Physics, PCM, Maths, Chemistry, Zoology, and Botany.

Job oriented courses included in BSc professional courses

  • BSc in agriculture
  • BSc in aquaculture
  • BSc in animation
  • BSc in aviation
  • BSc in bioinformatics
  • BSc in biochemistry
  • BSc in computer science
  • BSc in bioinformatics
  • BSc in electronic
  • BSc in dietetics
  • BSc in food technology
  • BSc in fashion technology
  • BSc in forestry
  • BSc in forensic science
  • BSc in food technology
  • BSc in medical technology
  • BSc in multimedia
  • BSc in microbiology
  • BSc In nautical science
  • BSc in nutrition
  • BSc in Nursing
  • BSc in information technology
  • BSc in Physiotherapy
  • BSc in Genetics
  • BSc in Nutrition
  • BSc in Interior Design
  • BSc in Psychology
  • Highlights of BSc course

    Students selecting any of this type will get a good chance to make a future in the private and public sectors. Colleges offering BSc in interior design, BSc in fashion technology, BSc in animation, BSc in multimedia courses allow students other than science stream to get admission and do the professional course.

    Job opportunities and Salary Packages

    Students with BSC graduation degree have varied options to go for. They get job opportunities in non-science and science field both. Students from BSC degree mostly get a good salary package. Many students get a chance to be a part of big organizations. Many big MNC and organization come to visit colleges during placement sessions to recruit students.  Students from the BSc field get good and vast opportunities.  They get jobs in the research field, business field, marketing field, technical field and so on. They also get good opportunities in the banking sector for the post customer service executives.

    Many get a good position in government sectors too. Some job profiles for which BSc science can opt for are scientific assistant, teachers, researcher, scientist, iostatistician, lecturers, research analyst, consultant, technical writer, clinical research manager, chemist, enumerators etc.  They get chances to get jobs in hospitals, space research institutes, forensic crime research, hospitals, educational institutes, testing laboratories, chemical industry, health care providers, forest services, research firms, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry, wastewater plants, environmental management and conservation, aquariums, oil Industry, geological

    survey departments. Salary package for BSc students varies as per the field though they get handsome salary. Some BSC passout gets 15000 INR to 80000 per month.