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Full Form

CA Full form , What is Full form of CA?

Full form of CA is Chartered Accountant. CA is related to accountancy. They are a financial advisor for individual, business or government sectors. In India at present around 270000 CA’s are providing their services to public and private sectors.They are an important part of all sorts of business and finances. CA can have their own private office or can work in big companies. Almost all government and private sectors hire CA’s to manage their accounts and taxation.

CA Full form

CA Full form

Chartered accountant responsibilities

  • The most important responsibility of the CA of a company is to do auditing of the companies account. In this, he or she thoroughly check the expenses and incomes and accordingly set up a balance sheet. He keeps an eye on the
    profit and loss and lastly verifies and gives remarks for the accounts of the company. He is the final authority to give remarks.
  • He is a liaison officer who works between government and company. If he is working in any semi-government company then he prepares a balance sheet and updates the concerned department of government about the audit.
  • The Company makes his maximum income is the result of smart ca. being an expert in tax laws he makes an income of the company less taxable which in turn maximize the company’s profit.
  • CA is also a tax legal advisor. Whenever the company needs any valuable legal advice then asks CA of their company. If the company is fighting any case regarding tax suit then CA helps them to undertake the case effectively
  • How to become CA

    Becoming a CA is a long process which needs hard work and dedication.


    The student should be 12th pass out from commerce stream. B.Com, M.Com, PhD commerce degree holders can also give charted accountancy exams which are taking on a national level. To clear ca exam is very tough but it’s possible. Those who have a strong will and zeal to become a CA do the best as they will give their
    100 percent for preparing themselves to clear ca exam.

    Stages of becoming CA

    CA foundation

    After completing 12th students enrol to various ca institutes. in this the level, they are taught basic level which is very much similar to what they are taught in 12th commerce.

    CA Intermediate

    After giving 9 months to foundation course they enter in the intermediate course. This level becomes tough as they are taught many new terms like company laws.

    Articleship Training

    Aspirants after completing the intermediate course go for article ship training. This internship gives them a real-time experience which will be very helpful to them in future. In the internship, they learn what is the nature and work of CA. This gives them exposure to various companies.

    CA Final

    This is the last part of the CA process. To enter CA final level they have to clear GMCS and ITT exams. Very fewer students succeed in clearing these as these are toughest of all. Many students go for many attempts to clear this level. After so many tries only a few get success.

    What abilities aspirates who want to become a CA should have:

  • CA should be intelligent and should have good knowledge of tax laws and commerce.
  • CA should be responsible and dedicated to the work. Loyal and accountable CA gives the best results.
  • This profession requires high moral values because his work is related to finances and money and his moral values will maintain his loyalty towards his work and company.
  • CA should have leadership quality. He has to manage his team and order them to manage work. So, good leadership quality will help him to solve problems easily.
  • CA should be updating himself with the laws because as per the need and time the government makes changes in laws. Thus updated CA will do justice to his responsibility and work.
  • Earnings

    CA is one the high earning job as in this he deals with finances. A beginner gets 30000 to 45000. 2 to 5 years experienced get 55000 to 70000 and those who have experience of 5 years of more can earn 1 lakh to 3 lakh.