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Full Form

ARMY Full form , What is Full form of ARMY?

The full form of ARMY is Alert Regular Mobility Young. Army word formed from Latin world “arma” which means arms and weapons. The army is a ground force or a land force or military that aim to fight on the ground and protect the country from outsiders and other countries on borders. After independence the army of East India Company and princely states merged and formed The Indian army.  The Indian army is one of the largest parts of Indian armed force. The supreme commander of armed force is the president of India and chief, the four stars general is the professional head of the army. There are two officers with five stars rank as field marshal.

ARMY Full form

ARMY Full form

Ranks in Indian army

  1. Lieutenant
  2. Caption
  3. Major
  4. LT. colonel
  5. Brigadier
  6. Major general
  7. Lt. general
  8. General

One can join army on two levels one is of officer level and the other is soldier level. For officer level jobs a person should be graduate and for soldier level one should be intermediate and more. A person should be unmarried and age should be between 16 to 35.

 Indian army has seven divisions and each division being permanent regiment has the responsibility to recruit and train their army. Indian army has active troops around 1,237,117 in number and reserve troops around in number 960,000. Regiment of Indian army has been a part of various battles around the world and has earned great honors.  Indian army is fully dedicated to giving 100 per cent for national security. They are 24 hours on alert to watch on those who try to enter India illegally from other countries for example terrorists. They defend the nation
from internal and external threats. They try to maintain peace on borders and within the country. They always paid a vital role during natural calamities and helping and saving the life of people. They conducted many operations like Operation Surya Hope, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Vijay, and Operation Cactus. They are often called up by the central government to control internal threats.

Since independence, Indian arms has fought five wars. One war with china in Kargil and four with Pakistan. Indian army participated in many operations which are meant for world peace like Exercise Shoorveer and Operation Brasstacks. They were also an active part of UN peacekeeping projects which held in Lebanon, Cyprus, Angola, Congo, Somalia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Liberia, Namibia, South Sudan etc.