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Full Form

COMPUTER Full Form, What is the Full form of COMPUTER?

Full form of Computer is commonly operated machine particularly used for technology education and research. A computer is a device that is programmable. It stores data, processes, and retrieves the same when required. It is an electronic device now well known. The computer is used to send an email, type documents, browse the web, and to play games. It is used to create or edit spreadsheets, videos, and presentations.

computer full form

computer full form

Computer, this the term was named as human computers originally as it was operated by humans. They performed calculations using the slide rule and the abacus, the mechanical calculators. They started replacing human calculators and today the computers are referred to as electronic devices as it processes data, accepts input of data, produces output, and stores the results.

What are the Computer parts?

A computer cannot perform without the minimum basic parts mentioned here:

  • Processor- This is the component executing instructions from the hardware and
  • Memory- It is for data storing temporarily between the CPU and the storage.
  • Motherboard- It is a component connecting the components.
  • Storage device refers to the hard drive- The data is stored permanently here and is known as the secondary slower storage.

Hardware vs. software

However, having a computer with minimum parts means you cannot communicate until there is at least one input device connected such as the keyboard. Moreover, to see that is happening there is a need for an output device, the Monitor.

Hardware vs. software

There may be other differences in the computer types. Yet, the main two things that are in common with computers are the hardware and the software.

Hardware is a computer part having a physical structure. It includes the mouse, keyboard, and internal parts. The software is the instructions set informing the hardware of how and what to do. The software includes games, web browsers, and word processors. Anything you do on the computer relies on the software and hardware.

Computers for humans

Computers have made life easier in various ways for human beings. Complete work from home or a college degree, do anything on the computers. It is a useful electronic device that is now useful for various areas:

  • Using the internet, you get to access global information.
  • There is plenty of entertainment social sites. You can enjoy online movies and TV series as it is computer accessible.
  • Make easy online bill payments using the internet. It physically saves time as you can do it through the computers online.
  • Reservation of tickets, whether it is rail, flight, or a bus ticket, anything can be reserved online using the internet.