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Full Form

RIP Full Form , What is Full Form of RIP?

The full form of RIP is Rest in peace. This word is derived from “requiescat in pace”, this is a Latin word. In Christianity when a person dies, that time after prayer they write rest in peace on the grave of the person. The sentence rest in peace came from there only. Earlier people mostly say “rest in peace” but in coming times young people started using the short form of this sentence. They started using the word RIP.  This word is used as a prayer for the dead person. With this word, they wish that may the soul of the person get eternal peace and rest under the blessings of God. This word is widely used in social media especially on Facebook. When one person shows condolence and sympathy for the death of the loved one of friend or relative they use the word RIP. When they send a card for condolence then also they write RIP on it. When any celebrity dies Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are flooded with RIP sentences. People all over world try to show their sympathy with the dead soul and his family with the word RIP. They want to let the family know that whole world is with them in this sad moment, they are not alone. They also show their love towards the celebrity.

rip full-form

rip full-form

Some common sentence used for sympathizing and condolences on the death of someone are-

  • Sorry for your loss. May the soul rest in peace.
  • Your sister/brother was a big inspiration for me. A big loss indeed. May his soul rest in peace.
  • Dear I understand how painful this loss is. RIP
  • He/she will be in our hearts. RIP.
  • Hey Baby, RIP, wish you stay happy in other world.
  • Hope you are in a peaceful world now. RIP.
  • So sad, RIP.
  • God gives his family the strength to overcome this. RIP.