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Full Form

OK Full Form , What is Full Form of OK?

Full form of OK is “oll Korrect”. This word is derived in 1930 from the abbreviation trend of Boston MA. OK, the word is also written as OKay which mean acceptance. Sometimes it meant approval of anything or agreement or acknowledgement. This word is widely used during any conversation and chat. Whenever a person agrees to some to someone saying or views they say OK.

OK Full Form

OK Full Form

OK, the word is used worldwide in a different context. Like in India whenever a person says something and then asks the other person did u get it, in reply the other says OK. Sometimes it is used in a rude manner. When a person says, “I want this anyhow, OK?” Then in reply, other says OK. Sometimes this OK is also used when any conversation or meeting comes to end. That time OK means bye. In Pakistan, this word is now a part of Punjabi and Urdu language. In Indonesia, it is mostly used in RCTI a national television station. In Maldivian, this word is said when people depart from any gathering. They say “OKay dahnee”. In Singapore people add some suffixes after OK for example “OK leh”, “OK lar”, “OK meh”, “OK lah”.

The most common word OK is used not only in English countries but also by the countries with other languages. As per the research some says that earlier in America young people used to pronounce the words incorrect especially “oll correct”. Because of this many people started using the short form of “oll correct” and that was OK. With this soon many people started using the short form and then slowly this trend widely spread throughout the world.

As per the usage, it seems that OK doesn’t have any particular meaning. OK is also used to define something as the average, for example, some say the burger was great in taste but the pizza was OK. Sometimes when a task is given to someone in reply they say OK, which means he will do the task given. Sometimes when a person asks another person, “How your health is now”, in reply person says “OK”.

In grammar the usage of work OK-

  •   As an adjective
  • “The food I ate just now was OK”. Here OK means food was neither good nor bad in taste.

  • As a verb
  • “When I showed my presentation to the boss, boss OKed”. Here it means boss liked and approves the presentation.

  • As a noun
  • “I need OK from him”.  This means he is seeking permission from someone.

  • As an adverb
  • “Are you feeling OK?” Here it means are your feeling well.

  • To begin a sentence.
  • “OK, can u all be quiet and listen, please?” Here the person is asking others to be quiet and listen to him.

  • As a question
  • “I will do this work, OK?” Here the person is asking does the other person agrees to him.