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Full Form

CBI Full form , What is Full form of CBI?

CBI represents the Central Bureau of Investigation. It is an anti-corruption body looking into matters relating to crime and is the Interpol agency. This academy came into emergence in 1966, and the locations were Ghaziabad, UP. Later, it developed as a police training institution, opening three training centers at Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata.

CBI Full form

CBI Full form

CBI Functions

  • Investigating corruption, bribery and misconduct of central government employees.
  • Investigating dangerous crimes committed by professional criminals or organized gangs, having ramifications in the nation and internationally.
  • Investigating cases relating to fiscal and economic laws infringement, such as breach of laws concerning central excise and customs, import and export control, foreign exchange regulations, income tax, and so on. These cases are for consultation at the concerned department request, if essential.
  • Taking up a state government request, if there is any case for investigation demanding public importance.
  • Coordinating the activities of anti-corruption agencies and the state police forces.
  • Supporting with disseminating criminal information and crime statistics.
  • The CBI undertakes corruption-related investigation cases. It is a Government of India multidisciplinary investigation agency that handles conventional crime cases and economic offenses.

    The activities are within the confinement to offenses in the anti-corruption field committed by the Central Government and Union Territories employees and their public sector undertakings.

    Investigation of murder, rape, kidnapping, etc. is under CBI. It comes from the state government reference, or when the Supreme or High Courts direct.

    The CBI in India acts as the National central bureau. The CBI Interpol Wing coordinates investigation-related activities request originating from the enforcement agencies as per the Indian law and the Interpol member countries.

    CBI Appointment Process

    The recruitment is as per two procedures. The recruitment is through SSC, and the next is on the deputation basis if you are at the state or center police or some other essential service. If you clear the exams, you can join CBI. There is CBI direct recruitment for all, while the sub-inspectors are as per rank, and it is through SSC.

    • Educational qualification for a candidate must be 55% marks, and there is a need to pass the CGS exam so that the candidate applies for a CBI officer formation.
    • Candidates between 20 and 27 years can apply for the CBI officer’s examination, while the SC/ST category have more relaxation.
    • The exam for CBI includes written and interview. The written exam is for 400 marks, and on clearing this exam, there is an interview for 100 marks. On passing these exams, you can receive a joining letter.

    Essential qualities

    1. Manual vigilance
    2. Analytical, excellent mind
    3. Curious observation powers
    4. Physical fitness
    5. Concentration to high level
    6. Power to travel
    7. Rational, random, and analytical thinking
    8. Power to work in dangerous and remote areas
    9. Ability to work in irregular or flexible working hours.