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Full Form

CEO Full form , What is Full form of CEO?

Full form of CEO is a chief executive officer. Every company has a CEO. Chief executive officer is the topmost rank in any company. He is behind all the decisions taken in favor of the company; he is the face of the organization. He is the main person in the board of directors. The aim of the success of the company and earning more and more is possible only when the company has the smartest CEO. Many times the owners are not that smart so they hire CEO. CEO is the person whose smartness and knowledge makes the investors invests in the company. It’s not that every time owner becomes the CEO of the company. Owner and shareholders always wish to see the company growing so they continually earn more and more money. For this, they need the smartest person. They interview and hire the smartest person and appoint him as CEO of the company.

Many times, when a company growth goes down the owner of the company, fires the CEO and hire another so that new CEO would make new marketing plans and bring a boost in the growth of his company. CEO is a senior-most executive who is in charge of a company. CEO of big companies being the main person, who attends all the meetings and finalizes the deal, becomes famous in the corporate world. Just like CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Apple Steve Jobs.

CEO Full form

CEO Full form


  • Role of CEO differs in every company. This depends on the size, business structure and culture of the company. The members of the board vote and appoint the CEO of the company and all discuss and decide the responsibilities of CEO.  He is most valued and highly paid person in any company because most deserving person manages that important post in any company.
  • In big companies and organizations CEO deals with high level and perfectly planned decisions for the overall growth of the company. He is capable of making a wide change in the culture of any organization.
  • He takes all major and important company decisions.
  • He is the person who manages operations conducted in any company.
  • He manages the resources of his company.
  • In small startup CEO plays a vital role in developing business. They make effective business plans with the vision and mission of company growth in the corporate market. They study market strategies and plan their business plan. They apply many high tech technologies to speed up and make a strong position in the current competitive market. He is an operation manager in small startups.
  • He plans and executive business plan which in turn makes the shareholders earn more money, that’s why he is a highly salaried employee of the company.